Prof. Dr. Yves Weinand

Director of IBOIS laboratory


Architect and civil engineer, Yves Weinand is one of the most recognised researchers in the contemporary wood construction.

Founder of the Bureau d’Etude Weinand, he has, since 1996, designed and worked on many emblematic wooden buildings, such as the Saint Loup Chapel, the new Vaudois Parliament or, more recently, the Pavillon de Vidy in Lausanne.

His fundamental research questions the technical and static possibilities of wooden materials. The interdisciplinary exploration carried out at the EPFL’s Laboratory for Timber Constructions (Ibois), of which he is director, concerns wood in all its aspects, from round wood to manufactured wood. The recent research carried out at Ibois on free structures with wood-wood connections (without screw nor glue) has been the subject of several technological transfers, and stands as tangible proof of new possibilities for wood construction.


Through new innovative approaches, the ambition of his research is to develop a new generation of renewable and ecological wooden construction.


Since 2004 Yves Weinand is Professor and Head of the IBOIS Laboratory for Timber constructions at EPFL were he toughts students in both architecture and civil engineering. He is also author of numerous journal articles and books including Innovative Timber structures (2016), Nouvelles formes d’architecture (2010), Architexto (2009) and New_modeling (2004).

He is regularly invited to present his work at international symposia on timber construction