Liège Expo

An innovative exhibition hall

2019, Liège Expo, Liège (B)

In traditional carpentry, trees are selected for their linearity, to guarantee the optimization in the exploitation of the material, before being cut into planks, beams, etc.
The Liège expo project takes the opposing view.

Location Liège, Belgium
Client Competition
Architects Art&Build, XDA, Yves Weinand
Structural Engineering Bureau d’Études Weinand, Liège
Timber Engineering Bureau d’Études Weinand, Liège
Technological transfer Laboratory for Timber Constructions, IBOIS, EPFL
Prof. Dr Yves Weinand, Petras Vestartas

The exhibition hall of Liège offers a covered area of 19600 m2, supported by point carriers spaced 60 meters apart.

The columns consist of four trunks joined together through wood-wood connections. The cover is supported by a trellis consisting of forks. Wooden beams in the upper part of the treillis take up the compression forces, while in lower part, a wire rope connects the uprights and diagonals between them and resumes traction forces in the system.

This original structure has been created by Yves Weinand. By combining the three-dimensional scanning process of the forest park, with the parametric digital modeling methods, we are able to create a link between a specific selection of tree and a specific architectural design or form, avoiding any intermediate geometrical calibration. This increase the profitability of timber at least for 50%, and upgrade a considerable fraction of forest resources.

This kind of optimization of the timber exploitation has a direct impact on the costs, since this project is evaluated at 60 percent cheaper, in comparison with a traditional structure !