Annen Head Office

The Annen Head Office in Manternach, Luxembourg. A new system for the construction of lightweight wooden structures.

2020 Annen Head Office, Manternach (LUX)

Location Manternach, Luxembourg
Client Annen Plus SA (LU)
Architect Valentiny hpv architects, Remerschen. Yves Weinand, Liège (BE)
Structural Engineering AuCARRE (LU)
Timber Engineering Bureau d’Etudes Weinand, Liège (BE)
Technology Transfer Laboratory for Timber Construction, IBOIS, EPFL, Prof. Yves Weinand, Didier Callot, Anh Chi Nguyen, Aryan Rezaei Rad
Status Ongoing

The Annen Head Office Project consists in a series of 23 vaults with spans ranging from 22.5 m to 53.7 m. The project will accommodate a 5800m2 facility including a timber prefabrication factory space and offices. 

Thanks to digital advances and the collaborative work of architects and research engineers, each vault has been discretized into singular boxes, made with industrial wood panels assembled with wood-wood connections. The entire structure was studied and tested beforehand, and the project is currently being carried out in Manternach.