Cultural Center in Soignies

A structural challenge for a new auditorium

2012 Cultural Center, Soignies (B)

The Cultural Center Victor Java in Soignies is the result of a partnership between L’Escaut Architecture and Bureau d’Études Weinand.

Location Soignies, Belgium
Client Soignies
Architects AM Escaut Weinand
Structural Engineering Bureau d’Études Weinand, Liège (BE)
Completed 2012

Given the poor consistency of the ground on site, the building needed to be supported by pile  foundation. These piles reach their maximum resistance between 5 and 10m deep. Soles were cast on these piles, and work by connecting the heads of the stakes and rigid edges of the slabs.

Main structure
The large auditorium is built in pre armed wall. The concrete elements are poured onsite on the recovery position before the support reactions of the metal truss beams supporting the roof. The courses are made of prefabricated concrete elements stiffening the sails horizontally. The roof panels are made of prefabricated slabs. Metal lattice girders of 17.0m hight support the techniques and walkways and ensure the stability of the entire volume of the large room.

The stairs and slabs of fireplaces and side access to the room are poured on site.

The local technique is suspended using a metal structure at the main body of the room. Thanks to mechanical connections, it is possible to create a sound insulation between this cantilevered part and the room. The main lattice girders are thus always extended in metal lattice structure on this cantilever and support it.