Ice skate, Liège

An ice rink of about 1900 m²

2011 Ice skate, Liège, (B)

The project includes an ice rink of about 1825m² (61X30m). On both sides seating areas are distributed on three levels (0,+1,+2) being able to accommodate 1,200 spectators, a cafeteria, a living room VIP and technical rooms.The structure of the first and second seating area is made out of reinforced concrete including the main beam structure. Floors are realized in pre-stressed concrete elements and prefabricated steps.


Location Liège, Belgium
Client City of Liège
Architect Momentary association Escaut – Weinand
Structural Engineering Bureau d’Etudes Weinand, Liège (BE)
Timber Engineering Bureau d’Etudes Weinand, Liège (BE)
Completed 2011

Lattice steel-wood beams are used to span over 49.50m. The roof of the cafeteria and the northern passage understands a series of arcs out of glued laminated timber beams GL28 with variable geometry.

Except for the layer of compression of the prefabricated floor assemblies, the assembly of the structure was done entirely under dry conditions. The lattice steel-wood beams have the form of a fish. The number of the diagonals is limited to the maximum in order to integrate the service shafts and a scenographic footbridge. The top beam was made out of laminated glued timber wood while the bottom beam and the diagonals were made out of steel. The cooperation of timber and steel made a very light structure possible.