Pedestrian Bridge, Auel

A new timber bridge above the Our

2007 Pedestrian Bridge, Auel (GE)

“Clear the path” for hikers and cyclists
The footbridge in Auel close an important gap in the Ravel path, so that the journey from St.Vith / Lommersweiler via Auel and Burg-Reuland to Oudler is now even more obstacle-free and faster.
There are only about 35 meters, but this modest distance gaped like an open wound on the way of the Radwanderwegenetzes on Reuländer area. An endeavor that not only represents a significant infrastructural improvement, but also blends well into the natural environment.

Location Burg Reuland, Belgium
Client Burg Reuland City
Architect Michaelis-Weinand, Espeler (BE)
Structural Engineering Bureau d’Etudes Weinand, Liège (BE)
Timber Engineering Bureau d’Etudes Weinand, Liège (BE)
Completed 2007

The municipality as clients gladly followed the proposal of the architects Leo Michaelis from Espeler and Yves Weinand BEW from Liège and opted for the building material wood – at the interface of the natural park High Venn-Eifel on the one hand, Northern Eifel on the other. Also in the knowledge that today technically sophisticated constructions can be created very easily in wood. The design undeniably captivates with its architectural form as well as its structural materials. The bridge work, resting on the old, additionally reinforced sandstone bases, is a clad laminated wood construction or laminated construction in three parts, stabilized by an undervoltage, by means of tensioning cables. The longevity-oriented construction is clad with prefinished larch wood, which requires no further coats (which greatly reduces maintenance).