Timber Pavilion, Theatre of Vidy-Lausanne

An outsized example of Japanese origami

2017 Timber Pavilion, Theatre of Vidy-Lausanne (CH)

Location Lausanne, Switzerland
Client Théâtre de Vidy, Lausanne
Architect Yves Weinand Architectes sàrl, locally assisted by Atelier Cube
Timber Engineering Bureau d’Etudes Weinand, Liège
Technological transfer Laboratory for Timber Constructions, IBOIS, EPFL
Prof. Dr Yves Weinand, Didier Callot, Anh Chi Nguyen, Aryan Rezaei Rad
Completed 2017
Awards Mention Régionale Prix Lignum 2018
Grand Prix d’Architecture de Wallonie 2019
@ Alain Herzog / EPFL
@ Ilka Kramer
@ Ilka Kramer
@ Ilka Kramer

Text: Sandrine Perroud
Source: Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering | ENAC
Images: Alain Herzog / Ilka Kramer