Tour Sportive Bruxelles  

The library at a given moment to be defined will give resources for traditional processes and automated processes allowing the design of bespoke round wood structures.

The resulting Architecture is using the geometric variability of the material as an input intelligently instead of enduring it.

This project is inspired by the Zollinger system. 

His specific nod allows to follow a curved surface in space: one bar crosses the nod and the two other bars can be turned out of the main plane.

A basic construction module has been defined combining raw sawn round trunks and cross laminated timber panels. 

This basic module can be combined by insertion translations and rotations. Then a given montage sequence has to be followed.

Location :
Brussels, Belgium
Client :
Société d’aménagement urbain, SAU
Architect :
Bel Architects, Brussels
Crit Architects, Brussels
Yves Weinand Architectes, Lausanne
Structural engineering :
Bureau d’Etudes Weinand, Liège
Technological transfer :
Laboratory for Timber Construction, IBOIS, EPFL
Prof. Yves Weinand,  Petras Vestartas, Damine Gilliard
Status :