Swiss national exhibition
Phänomena 2025

“With the Phänomena buildings, I want to show how one of the oldest building materials, wood, can be combined with modern digital tools to promote local use and circularity”, says Weinand.

“The Phänomena provides a basis for better understanding key issues of the present and future. It therefore requires an architecture that corresponds to its objective and promotes the improvement of our planet through the understanding and use of modern science”, says Müller.

The iconic main building of the Phänomena, which will be located on the Dietiker Niderfeld, 
is a spectacular structure made of logs. 

Intelligent robots process the natural logs on site in a Whole Wood Concept. They create a plug-in system that can be reused. 
After the Phänomena, the logs can be made available for other applications with virtually no waste.

The membrane spans over 220m longitudinally and 95m transversally.

Its form is a double curved surface created between four high points and four low points. The resulting double curvature assures the stability of the structure.

The form itself underwent a series of investigations using physical and digital models in order to optimize its surface and its mechanical performance.

Location :
Zürich, Switzerland
Client :
Phänomena AG
Architect :
Yves Weinand Architectes, Lausanne
Structural engineering :
Bureau d’Etudes Weinand, Liège
Timber engineering :
Bureau d’Etudes Weinand, Liège
Technological transfer :
Laboratory for Timber Construction, IBOIS, EPFL
Prof. Yves Weinand, Joseph Tannous
Status :